As a black person this makes me really proud but at the same time it really frustrates me because the news never focus on the positive qualities of blacks which in reality actually out weighs the negatives but the media only focus on the negatives.. why does a 4 year old black boy cussing makes huge media headlines but a 4 year black girl genius does not……that’s what really frustrates me. 

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Look how big that things fucking wings are!

I’m not reblogging this because of the effin’ bird

A friend of mine is a falconer, and I’ve seen pictures of her holding a golden eagle like that. HE IS MAKING IT LOOK SMALL.

Ok yeah, the man is definitely beautiful but srsly u guise - DAT. BIRD.

Can we talk about golden eagles for a sec?  Because these bitches are what we call apex predators - they’re at the top of the motherfucking food chain.  Only humans are really a threat to them, but we don’t really count because we’re a threat to fucking everything ever on the planet anyway.  

Golden eagles have killed deer and wolves, they can frighten off grizzly bears, even fucking honey badgers are terrified of these motherfuckers.

That’s right.  Honey badger don’t give a fuck…unless a golden eagle is around.

Golden eagles are fucking amazing.  Srsly.

… I’m reblogging for the bird and the hot guy, for the record. Because I support both natural science and those back muscles.

I’m sorry, I was looking up pictures of Golden Eagles after this post and I found this and felt it was necessary to share

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deadly bird and hot man